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Best way model front wing main plane in solidworks?

By James Tate on 12 Nov 20:03 2 answers 259 views 2 comments

Hi, I am doin a project for university and i need to model a front wing assembly.
Which is the most accurate and easiest way to convert from solid object to gaining measurements and creating solid model on solidwork?
I was thinking using co-ordinates?

Attached below is a picture of the sketched shape of the aerofoil and the wing itself.

Thanks for any help

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2 answers

  • Robert H.
    Robert H. 10 months ago

    It depends somewhat on how accurate your model needs to be. You can get very close with what you have now by inserting the sketched shape as a 'sketch picture', and drawing your model sketches right on top of it.

    If the scale is wrong, you can fix that easily enough with a scale feature after you've created some solid geometry.

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