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Best way of deleting face

By Chuck Noar on 03 Apr 19:45 1 answer 2 comments

I am modeling some very basic mufflers for flow and I was looking for the best way to delete the highlighted face. Current I just create a new sketch and copy entities and cut. I am sure there is an easier way of preforming this action.
Thank you in advance

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  • Plamen Cherkezov
    Plamen Cherkezov over 2 years ago

    have you tried using Revolved Boss?
    I've revolved the sketch with thin feature around the construction line.

    Please check the attached sketch and section cut of my idea.

    I hope it's helpful.

    PS if you insist on deleting the face after you've extruded both cylinders maybe you should play around with the Shell or Delete face commands.

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