Block users that post multi models versions of the same thing?

Anyone know how to block or filter out names so that you don't see what files someone has uploaded? There are times when one user will upload 5000 models that could very well be done as configurations rather than each variation as it's own individual file?

It annoying to have to try to just browse the library without running into pages of unneeded files.

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Hello Cadjunkie.

It's everyone choice what they want to upload to the Library.
When you search models browsing the Library you can make filters,like software or category, but you can't ban a specific user.
If you want that users upload only an assembly(e.g. an engine) and not parts of it you can only suggest this user to upload the whole assembly.

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Alex, even if you filter by software or category you'd still see the same results with regards to what models a user uploaded. This is not about stopping what anyone uploads, but there is something to be said for borderline abusive behavior with regards to uploading. If anyone is allowed to upload what ever model they want then users should also be allow to filter what they'd like to see from these same certain individuals. Sifting through mounds of repetitive models kind of hinders the overall GC experience.

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Hello everyone,
I think that if the ones who upload repetitive models will just put a link to their website, where it's possible to download these models from, will make life easier for all GC users i.o. uploading endless versions of the same model.
I think GC staff should do it, if not the users.

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