Blueprint and Dimension of a Fixture : Urgent Help

I need to find the blueprint and dimensions of the following fixture to model and draw it using Creo. I need it for my college studies ASAP. I have attached the diagram in the attachment.

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I have no idea what that is an image of, but it looks like you could use it to build the majority of the model.
Do you know what the device is? Once you know the approximate size of the object, you can take measurements from your image, scale them, and you'll be "pretty close".

Think of it like an assignment where you need to write a long paper. Sure it is nice to have all of the proper formatting, but the text is the most important part. If you wrote all the text in notepad, you'd be 80% done. The last 20% is format and layout.

This project is the same. Get as much built as possible now, then go back and modify the dimensions when/if you get additional information.

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Please me send me what type of fixture you make Bcoz it help us

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Actual as my knowledge we are used in fixture mounting holes and rib it 5 to 7 mm diameter
And it will be adject as how much weight in all assembly

And all hole ,nut , bolt is 10 to 15 mm diameter.

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