Blurry texture when rendering?

I'm placing a custom image as a surface. It looks perfectly fine and sharp in the main SW display but when I go to open up photoview to preview/ hit final render the texture (or image) becomes really blurry all of a sudden.

Any ideas what could be causing it?

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2 Answers

I have encountered the same "phenomena"
Did not find the answer to this...
It has something to do with the original size of the image.

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If it's a file size issue then why would it be fine on the main window? It's such a drastic change in quality

I thought it was maybe reflecting light or something but i've disabled everything in the texture setting.

Anyone have a fix?


It seems to be a distance issue. If I render up close to the screen (i'm placing an image to replicate a monitor) it renders in good quality but if I move about 2-3 meters away and render again the quality degrades rapidly.

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