Board Drafting in education

Do you think that board drafting is still relevant to a traditional 2 year CAD degree? Why? Why not?

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Board drafting is dead.
I took traditional drafting classes, and I did not mind the content and skills, but I do not miss making drawings with a pencil, square, and triangle.

If you are looking to replace hand/board drafting with something, consider a freehand sketching in isometric views. I'm terrible at it, but it is a very handy skill to quickly sketch out an idea or concept to make sure everyone else knows what it is.

Still, being able to make drawings correctly is a skill that is not being taught. Students and Engineers make "drawings" but those are often poorly defined by importing dimensions from the modeling process.

Also, many stages of manufacturing are now automated. 3D printers, and CNC equipment have no need for a drawing. If a drawing is created, it often just shows a few critical, or overall dimensions or tolerances.

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Fred is right; board drafting is dead (or almost dead).

But also; drafting itself is on it's last legs. Most CAD users have little understanding of orthographic projections, descriptive geometry, flat pattern development, what a true view is, or even first angle vs. third angle projections. These topics have been dropped from the drafting curriculum, changing the focus from mechanical drawing to how to use the CAD software.

But the good news is the multi-view drawing is being replaced by the more descriptive 3D model.

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