Boiler Drafting : solidworks or inventor

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My company is going to purchase License Version of Software. This is Boiler/Pressure Vessel Manufacturing company. we are thinking to purchase solidworks or Inventor. Kindly can you guide for Boiler Drafting which software would be better?

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There are many advantages and disadvantages that you can find either in Solidworks or Inventor... to me both are so similar that even you are working on one of these, you will need only a couple of months to get use the other...

I would like to put a point though. By using Inventor you will see that "iLogic"
would be a great tool to help you optimize many of your different options in your field... (you can find enough examples in youtube or GrabCad)

To be fair there is a similar tool in solidworks but you have to pay for it. I have never used this so I cannot say much.

Good luck on your final choice...

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