CAD for the iPAD? - Your thoughts please.

Hello all, this is my first post here so wanted to say hi.

OJStudios is currently working on a CAD application for the iPAD, and it is our ambition to create the best CAD application for a touch screen tablet device - hence my approach to you on this forum.

I am sure that some of you have used or tried to use various CAD applications on the ipad and wanted to know what you thought was good, and what wasn't so good..... our design development is agile, and hence any feedback we receive on this forum or on our website would be greatly received so that we can make a really useful and productive CAD application.

Thanks for reading...

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In view this isn´t really possible, because the gpu of he iPad won´t do it. Maybe a modell-viewer?

best regards

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Hailstone, thanks for the response. First, perhaps I should clarify our app is a 2D platform only and not 3D.

With that constraint, we believe even the first gen ipad will be good enough for the app, we are currently designing and testing on an ipad 1 and 2 and the results have been impressive.

Its more down to the coding language and its use of resources rather than all out processor speed - which we believe has allowed programmes to become bloated and inefficient.

We are aiming for a CAD application with all of the functionality a CAD user would need from a mobile device and not trying to replace the desktop workstation - just rather fit into the workflow.

We have identified that responsiveness and accuracy is paramount for a CAD app like this - but any other thoughts would be welcome!


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The use of the camera and GPS to quickly and accurately collect data from the field while on site that can be converted and used in the cad file.

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Most CAD programs a user will use all three to five buttons on a mouse to move through and manipulate drawings. To do this effectively on a tablet, you will need to incorporate all of the different controls available (one two and three finger swipes, pinches, and spreads...) the motion needs to allow for ease of editing and viewing of files. Maybe even some new ideas on how to control and move through the screen.

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Hi Stephen, thanks for your comments. You are 100% correct regarding the need for new ideas on control and interface on the touch screen. This is something that we found to be really lacking in any drawing program currently available and hence we have invested a lot of time and effort to create a totally unique way on interfacing with our drawing program which we have a patent pending on. If you have a look at our website, you will get a flavour for what I am talking about. We are very excited about this! Subscribers on our website will receive a video update on the development at regular (but not irritating) intervals!

Regards the use of GPS and camera, the latter is something we are currently incorporating as well, embedding images and the like - but what do you see the GPS useful for, perhaps geo-tagging? I think its an interesting idea......

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OJ - as far as the GPS goes -
If someone is working on site of a large project, say doing site work for a DOT job or a large project with multiple buildings, the GPS of the iPad could be useful in placing information in the correct location on drawings for finding a specific area of the drawings quickly and to eliminate some confusion if their are areas of the site with similar requirements that are not the same. (three similar bridges or a group of building all slightly different. Maybe even to input data from surveying directly into the CAD file wile still on site.

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Stephen, thanks for the helpful input on the GPS.

We will definitely take that under consideration.

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