CAD programm or license most cheap?

My company is searching for a CAD programm wich is possible to model and assembly.

The question is: If we only are looking for these two items, wich programm is the best (price) since we only care for these two basic functions: modelling and assembling (not finite elements or simulations).

Thank you in advance

Fábio Navalho

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Fabio, the 'basic two items' you are after are the fundamental functions offered by any CAD package. Every commercial system on the planet allows for modelling and assemblies (some free programs don't always allow assemblies though).

Typically CAD software is sold on a tiered basis. The entry level packages offering CAD functionality only, the top end packages allowing FEA and simulations etc.

You need to decide on your requirements and select the software accordingly. Go to the library page and select the advanced search option. If you expand the software field you will see a list of possible CAD programs. You need to research these and determine which is most suitable.

Everyone on here will have an opinion, but not necessarily the correct one for you!

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I would suggest researching the internet.

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