CAD software of choice?

what is your CAD software of preference?? I'm currently using Pro-E, Solidworks & Inventor...I find myself using solidworks for most day-to-day activities. But on very large, complex assemblies, i switch to Pro-E

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I ended up with Solidworks but not as my personal choice. I used Corel for 2D drawings/design and 3DS (DOS) and later 3DS Max until release #3 and a few years ago, I went to the next logical step. I don't do overly complicated things, so a less sophisticated software would actually do, but since the companies I collaborate with, all work with SW, that was the logical choice. The keyword would be compatibility...
This probably isn't an answer you would expect, but I still start the designs with a hand made pencil drawn sketches on a piece of paper :)

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