Calculate or simulate what supports a container

How should I proceed to calculate, if I designed a package will support the weight required and if the design is optimal?
Use SolidWorks 2015 and the external dimensions of the containers must be respected.
Container data:
Ext.1700x500x455 mm dimensions. (LxWxH)
dimensions int.1590x390x390
Material: expanded polystyrene (EPS).
Density: 20 g / dm³
Piece volume (EPS): 142.46 dm³
Weight to be supported: 120 kg of fish..

Thanks in advance for the information that you can provide me.

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1 Answer

You could try doing some stress analysis on it to see how much it deflects with that much weight in it and decide if you can reduce, or must increase, wall thicknesses, structural ribbing, etc. Look for the 'Simulation Express Analysis Wizard' and give that a try. It's pretty straightforward. There's even a tutorial on it if you have those loaded.

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