calculation for belt conveyors

please can anyone share the knowledge on belt conveyor calculation. mainly i want for motor and gearbox selection and idler

Accepted answer

There are no calcs. that can be done until you know some of just the basics below.
1. What is being conveyed?
2. How much does it weigh?
3. What are the parts made of?
4. How long does the conveyor need to be?
5. What type of environment will the conveyor be in? (ie. Factory, Forge, Clean room, etc.)
6. Will there need to be any bends in the conveyor?
7. Will there be points where the conveyor must start and stop? Or will flow be continuous.
8. What type of belt or chain do you want to use, or based on application, should be used?

These are just some of the basics that need to be answered first before you start designing a conveyor.

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Please send you conveyor specification