can a arduino 2560 R3 be used for sls printing

i am developing a SLS printer , i will be using a Arduino 2560 normally used in 3d printers, for my project i need a software which can slice a .stl file to a provided layer thickness and run the laser with the x/y axis, z axis will be used for layer thickness, extruder motor will be used for the slide push/pull movement of the raw material and the extruder heating pins should run the laser head.
please find below the link for your understanding for the working of my machine
your are free to ask me for more clarifications
thank you

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Take this answer with a grain of salt, I am functionally illiterate with regards to electronics, coding, custom software, such I don't know what that card you've referenced is capable of.

But from what I do know, SLS will probably need a few more controls than what you've listed.

-Each of the 3 powder bins (the part, and the 2 side feeder bins) likely need heater control and IR sensors to provide feedback to the controller in order to bring the material up to 'just below' sintering temperature and keep it there.

- the SLS machine I'm familiar with (DTM Sinterstation) also required an inert gas environment (nitrogen) in the build chamber so, 02 sensor input and a valve to the controller?

-Safety lockouts such as door latch sensors etc. to ensure safe operation and shutdown in the event of problems mid-build.

The SLS process is very finicky, with precise temperature control of the 3 zones being very important. A tenth or two of a temperature degree in the wrong direction will ruin the build. Everything has to be just right.

I'm sure there's many more details I'm unaware of with regards to making it all work together, all I really did was operate the machine and fuss to smarter people when things didn't go right.

Good luck with your project!

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Good project, you may break the prices of these printers eventually.

maybe you can use GRBL to convert the MEGA into a CNC controller that supports G-code, it will save you a lot of programming time with acceptable quality.

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