Can any honest man who can solve my problem by thikening this fuel tank with 2 mm.

This fuel tank is design by surface in solid works. But i am trying to thicken it 2 mm. But when i do it then it comes to error and it can not be knitted and thicken. I need to know how to solve this problem and what tools can be use to solve this feature Also how to check the errors.

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hi moenuddin, which surface are you trying to do? I did few of them and I didn't get any error.

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Here`s what i made of it. The last steps in "Feature manager" show "splitt" and "shell", those are executed in the problem causing area`s. Hope that helps you a little.

If you have problems knitting, try a bigger tollerance, that may help.

beyond that: It is possible to use a "point" in "loft surface" . I have been re-doing a few of you surfaces using points.
Next to that, I have the feeling you are using "Profiles" and "guide curves" in revers order...? (Im far from a surfacing pro, but it just doesnt seem right at some of the surfaces;))

Hope this helps

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