can any1 tell me how to measure weight of part in catia using "MEASURE INERTIA" command?

i m trying to calculate weight of plastic part in catia using "measure inertia" command...

but whatever result comes & actual weight which i get from weighing instrument is different...

the difference between actual & catia computed weight is much...

help me to solve it..

whether i have to apply material n then use measure command or is it ok to just changing density in measure dialog box???

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If it is necessary first add a material to the part/assembly body and then right click on the specification tree that is on the part/product after that select propeties will shows a dailog box in that go to mechanical option in assembly design you will find the mass,surface area,center of gravity,moment of interia.simlarly do the same procedure of other propeties

Answered with a tutorial:

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You must type the density value in the dialog box, but when you use this function, klick on the part body, and not od the part in the tree. If you klick on the part it will calculate all bodies in this part, and surfaces in your geometrical sets.

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Wing span- 700mm
Root chord - 100mm
Tip chord - 40mm
Aspect ratio - 10
Taper ratio - 0.4
Wing area - 49,000

please check the material properties before going to add.we have taken the above parameters...but some dimensional and geometry error we found the calculated weight and part weight was 3% error.

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Give Density for measuring the weight if whole product made of single material.

If there are different objects with different material giving material properties is advisable. Otherwise you have to measure weight individually & add at last.

But note that when you using measure inertia tool, it measure the weight of all bodies & parts which are hidden or shown. So, if u don't want weight of hidden parts please deactivate it or delete it temporary.

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