can anybody help me to learn assembly in pro engineer?

does anybody have tutorials to learn how to assemble....or can anybody advise me where to find some material to learn.....I'm working on sheet metals...please help me,cause I'm learning pro engineer by myself.

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2 Answers

If you are interested in learning Assembly techniques in Creo Parametric in detail, please feel free to contact me. I can teach you. Otherwise if you want to learn the basics you can refer to the book "Creo parametric for designers and Engineers" by prof. Sham Tickoo.

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Hi elvis

Am abdul
I think am good in pro e concepts meaning in its understanding of working
coz i have been teaching pro e for students in cadd centre in india for fw months now am in a design company
nice to person who wants to learn pro e by own coz i did learn by same method by myself
yeah assembly is one of the easiest tool to unstand in pro e u just have to practice a bit on it

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