can anybody help me with this adjustable wristband CAD drawing?

200 mm lengthx 24 mm width x 4 mm thickness

red color
CMYK = 1.2, 96, 91.4, 0
RGB = 255, 0, 0

yellow logo
CMYK = 3.14, 1.96, 91.37, 0
RGB = 255, 255, 0

I don't have hose size information, please drawing common size.
Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

What is you problem???
You ask for help, but than it would be handy if you state the problem....
Or do you ask us to make you a complete model of the wristband...????
Best help and sugestion I can give up your version of Solidworks and just start with modeling...than if you get stuck you can always ask for help.....

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