Can anybody make a model for me..???

Goodday all,
Can anybody make a model of a cable cutter(see picture).
I will be very thankfull for it.

If needed mesurements can be asked, have the cable cutter at home.
Many thanks.

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5 Answers

The other considerations beyond dimensions include:
- What file format is needed?
- What is the end use?
- Is an assembly with motion required, or will a single part do?
- How detailed must the model be?
- How close to the image and dimensions must the model match?
- Additional photos taken from front, top, side, and isometric views will also help.

It is likely to be a few hours of work, so defining the goals upfront will help make sure the final model meets your needs without revisions or additional effort.

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Maybe you can take another picture at 45° so I can see how they are crufted and the overall length is 7,5" is that correct ?

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- Model in .step file or solid works file please.
- If possible model needs to open and close.
- The model does not have to be that detailed.
- In the pictures are measurements in cm.
- Photo`s uploaded.
- If needed more pictures with measurments can be asked.

Thank very much.

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