Can anybody show me how to model this Sheet Metal Tank?

Here's the issue: the original drawings for this tank have long-since disappeared and I have to create new production drawings for the part by reverse engineering it. There is a difficult combination of mitered seams and flanges where the Sides meet with the Front (Please See "ISO" and the other attached pictures). I need flat drawings for production of the sides and the front. I can and have created the Front/Base piece and Side pieces independently but getting their edges to line up creating a smooth seam has been nearly impossible. I'm currently going about it the LEAST efficient way possible --by guessing and checking then repeating until the edges begin to meet. Surely there is a more elegant solution. Any help would be appreciated.

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A hint: sweep just the profile around a L-shaped polyline. Slice at corner. Add to bottom and side. mirror copy. Presto like magic.

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Actually I have no more idea about this topic. Still i am giving some way how to model a sheet mental Tank.

First make a solid of the tank complete with all of the holes.

Then make a new part and place the derived tank solid. Make it a surface not a solid,

then select the face of the tank and use the thicken tool in the part model

then slice the tank where you want the seam, turn it into a
sheet metal part,

then select the thickness of the sheet , select the outside
face and then select flat pattern.

If you want to know more information about how to work with Sheet Metal, refer here:

Hope this information helpful for you.....

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I can guess at the angles and sizes and post the model tomorrow, soon enough?

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Don't have Solidworks. Will dwg format work for you?

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