Can anybody tell me how to flip the same existing 3D sketch of in Solidworks ?

I draw a feature from a 3D sketch and circularly pattern it. Now i want to flip the same features on same face.

2 Answers

Two options I can think of:
1. Make the sketch into a Block.
- copy/paste the block to a new sketch
- Rotate / flip the block as needed
- constrain the block as needed
- create a new feature like it was a normal sketch... Or you could dissolve the block, and it would be a normal sketch again.

2 Use the Modify Sketch tools
- This is one of my favorite SolidWorks tools. It used to be a single tool called Modify. Now they split it up into several separate tools, but Modify still exists, and is usually the only tool needed
A screenshot is attached.
- Those black dots and lines on the sketch allow the sketch to be flipped about a different axis, or combination of them. Give it a try.

In SOLIDWORKS 2018 you can mirror a 3d sketch.