Can anyone do the Dynamic Analysis of this Spiral Turbine ?

Axial Flow Horizontal spiral Turbine.
Condition: Suppose this turbine is Deep in River which is flowing with some velocity. and Because of this inlet velocity, pressure turbine should Rotate. (inlet velocity 2m/s. )

What will be Output velocity , Pressure, RPM, and Torque and FlowRate?

make video How you have done analysis this will be Very useful to understand.

and Convert this SLDPRT file in to Stp file So that I can OPen It in Catia.
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4 Answers

here is the answer Turbine Analysis in 2D

sorry for doing it in 2d as it takes less time and i have lot's to study.

I have included video, data points, graphs, design.

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graph includes time vs torque (X,Y), table has velocity and volume.

note that it has three inlets and at the top and bottom are outlets.

as the blades are rigid I used aluminum as a material. Every material gives the same answer.

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