can anyone explain draft analysis in catia v5

what are important stages in that

how to set tooling direction

what value of draft tobe set while doing it in general

when designer could say draft analysis performed is ok?

if there are red surfaces after draft analysis what does it means

what green n blue surfaces indicates..

when all surfaces are green what does it mean

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4 Answers

i can explain colour meaning. First you have to specify your draft value. generally we use between 1 to 3 degree. Blue means "it is ok your draft is suitable for demould according to your angle value". Red means "your angle is not enough according to your angle value but still demould by forcing". Green indicates that "your surface angle is reverse (negative), you can not demould it"

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can any one explain how to do tooling direction???if anyone know plz contact me immediately my mail id is waiting for mail....

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