Can anyone give me industry base drawing in PDF for Creo, Catia and Solidworks?

.i have an interview in a mnc.

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I never have a hard time finding people who can make models or throw dimensions on a drawing.

I DO have a hard time finding people who can convey design intent within their model and through the drafting process; proper datum assignments, good fundamental understanding of GD&T, technical drawing practices, etc..

My advice is... make sure you understand--at least on a fundamental level--the standard you will be working to; be it ISO, ASME, etc.. Make sure you understand the fundamental rules of drafting; no dimensions to hidden lines, dimensions that clearly convey the design intent; function and mating relationships, fully define a part without specifying the manufacturing methods, etc., etc..

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It all depends which type of industry you are going for the interview. If it is automobile or aerospace industry you should be well acquainted with GD&T. Follow ASME Y14.5 2009 code book as soon as possible.

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here is link-
This video is for Mechanical Professional & Students who are appearing for CAD Interview & have to undergo CAD TOOL TEST. Here I am presenting an example of Hollow Shaft. How to make it in CAD. Don’t use sweep command as its lathe machine part you have to use Exude cut every time. Watch Video & comment if you have any query. Click here to watch tutorial-

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