Can extrude as dimensions are very small compared to the rest of the part.HELP Please!

I'm currently in the middle of a project, and when trying to extrude a part it says the extrusion failed because - 'This feature is defined with dimensions that are very small compared to the rest of the part.
You may want to change the part accuracy to be smaller than 0.000231453.'

I tried messing with the part accuracys, I don't know if I did it right, but it didn't work.

What am I meant to do? Thankyou :)

(This was on CREO/Pro E)

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Are you using absolute or relative part accuracies? If you can only see relative in your settings, you will need to allow absolute accuracy using the by changing the option "enable_absolute_accuracy" from no to yes.

I would suggest you set an absolute part accuracy to something sensibly small enough to allow you to regenerate your components but not so fine such that it will take a long time to regenerate on large assemblies.

What you also need to do is set all the other parts/assemblies to exactly the same accuracy as having a mixture of accuarices is NOT reccommended. I would suggest you setup a mapkey to change the existing files that you already have, and make sure the template/start parts that you have include the same accuracy that you have set.

Hope that helps.


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I always just change the accuracy. Edit > setup > accuracy, then change to .0006 and that generally does the trick. My system defualt is .0012 so I just double it.

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