Can i convert and inventor assembly from mm to m?

I have drawn a few parts and created a rough extruded assembly of a small project in mm
approx maximum length 30mm,
this is a bit small and i will like to know if there is a way to change the unit so the project would be 3m in length.
Is there a quick easy way or should i just redraw it?


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You can go to "Manage" Ribbon and select "Parameters"
There you have all dimensions. Simply change from "mm" to "m"

(Before you start you can chose the units "Tools" -> "Document Settings" -> "Units" and then the "Length" parameter)

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m afraid there's no other way rather than to draw again. for simple parts you may just change the values of dimension. may be that will help. but for complex geometries you surely have to do it again because there may be many infringes if you try to change the dimensions.

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In 2015 all you need to do is to Go to the Tools Tab, then Document settigns and change the units to M. Inventor will Automatically "Scale" the units to fit. Inventor the parameters have meaning unlike in Autocad where they are simply 'units' so you have to use the SCALE command. In inventor the dimensions carry actual properties so can therefore be 'converted' between' units.

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You can change scale of each part in: 3D model - modify - direct (direct modeling). You can change scale of surface or solid body. This function is in inventor since 2014, maybe older. Unfortunatelly it isnt possible to chance scale of assembly.

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