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Can I copy one sketch to another plane in SW?

By Aykut Dana on 17 Jan 14:21 2 answers 22896 views 2 comments

Can I copy one sketch to another plane which is not parallel to the sketch plane?

2 answers

  • Gary Maltby
    Gary Maltby almost 5 years ago

    Yes you can. Choose the sketch to copy > Edit from top of screen, select Copy, select new plane, > Edit and paste to the new plane.

  • Aykut Dana
    Aykut Dana almost 5 years ago

    tutorial - how to copy sketch to another plane

    1. Step 1

      Exit from sketch and choose sketch from feature tree. then go to Edit>>copy. Be sure that sketch must be closed and selected. if you don't, copy button will be inactive.


    2. Step 2

      Open sketch on o plane and Edit>>paste


    3. Step 3

      Now you can position. You need to drag and drop holding the lines because if you drag the point, only that point will move.


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