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Can i download these files then open them in 2d design tech soft??by

By Nathan Mckeown on 16 Mar 20:07 2 answers 1 comment

Any clues on how I may be able to either download a file into 2d design file type to edit or straight into a dxf or is there a specific programme I need?

2 answers

    RACHEL AYERS 8 months ago

    I have the same question.

    Do you have cad files for 2D drafting programs or can you download the files, although 3D into a 2D program?

  • rasna jacob
    rasna jacob 3 months ago

    You can create 2D drawings from your Fusion 360 designs, which enables you to generate PDF and DWG documentation of your Fusion 360 model. When you create a drawing, it is generated as a derived document of a Fusion 360 model, and it shows up in the Data Panel as a unique item in the active project.
    The process below describes how to create a 2D drawing from a 3D model created with Fusion 360. You cannot create drawings from only sketch elements or surface bodies.
    1.Open the Design you would like to create a 2D drawing of.
    2.Click the Workspace ribbon and hover over the "Drawing" option.
    -> New Drawing from Design creates a drawing of the design in the Model
    -> New Drawing from Animation can help you leverage exploded views that
    you've created in the Animation Workspace.
    3. Select the desired options in the Create Drawing dialog box.
    -> The "Full Assembly" box determines if the drawing will show the full
    assembly of the design the drawing is being created from.
    Unchecking the box will allow you to individually select the
    components or bodies from the design to be included in the new
    drawing file.For more information please see
    -> The fields under "Destination" allow you to select templates, drawing
    standards, units, and sheet sizes.
    4. ​When the drawing workspace appears place your views and annotation to begin creating a drawing.

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