Can I find any drawings here on grabcad?

I work as a highschool teacher, teaching cad in solidworks. I would like to find some drawings on models/products that I can inspect and maybe modify and give to my students. For exampel maybe an engine with drawings, is there drawings and where can I find them?

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Of course you can find a lot of drawings here. Unfortunately, there is no separate section for 2D Drawings as of now. You can go to my profile and check out the drawings for a 7 Cylinder Radial Engine. That is an excellent exercise for learners as you have to fill in some dimensions yourself and think a bit about modelling from scratch to make the final assembly easier.

Most of my projects are with drawings.

Here is another thread with lot of 2D Drawing links:

Courtesy: FredSWUG

I have attached some additional files for useful practice.

Hope that helps.

Additional links:

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How about making the class more "real world".
Start by having everyone make the same basic models to get the sketch, extrude, cut, detail procedure down.
Then choose a project like an engine, but split it up into the component parts. Then students will work on a single piece, or multiple pieces. At the end, an assembly is made.
Are all of the parts there? Everything at the right scale/units? Do all of the holes line up? Any interference? ...etc.

I think there would be a great benefit to seeing that the work they produce goes on to another step. Mistakes, and "good enoughs" might work for one offs, but having a team requirement really means everyone has to produce perfect parts (not just their best).

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