can i get .dwg file format model of anything or i need to know the method how to conver sldrt or step file to dwg because it is not opening in AUTOCAD 2009 >??? NEED HELP ASAP

i want to convert sldrt or step file to .dwg or want projects of .dwg file

3 Answers

Hi, I had same problem and I solved it this way : I installed SolidWorks or other advanced CAD software ( Catia, NX ) to save Step or sldrt files to other formats. I heard about other dedicated software which they can convert both sides but couldn't find them on internet or they were very expensive. Hope helped you. Cheers, Arek

You get inventor Fusion with AutoCAD 2013 and it can open any 3D model and convert it into dwg or any other file format you need, I get it a lot that clients want it in step or Igs format then i use Inventor fusion to convert DWG into any format and to convert any format into DWG

The problem is AutoDesk no longer offers Fusion. I updated to '14 and no longer have any way of converting the step files to dwg. Is there a free 'trial' version of SolidWorks? Or some kind of 'Freedom' type version like Navisworks has?