Can i get free softwares for CAD available on the internet?

Want to know if I could get free softwares without paying.

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If you are paying for free softwares, then you are doing something wrong.
This site claims to have 16,000 freewares:

I guess you'd still need an Internet connection, to continue the free theme. Maybe a local library or coffee shop allows free access to the Internet?

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There are not many "free" software available for CAD.

The FREE software that I am aware for CAD is FreeCAD

A little bit of Python programming knowledge will be helpful here.

There are other free open-source designing software but not optimal for Solid Modelling such as Blender or MeshLab or MeshMixer.

If you a student you can use Autodesk Fusion 360 for 3 years or as a non-commericial organization for 1 year for free.

If you part of a university, you can ask your respective department to ask for Student Licence of SolidWorks or SolidEdge or CATIA. You should be able to get it.

As a alternative, you can use services like OnShape for cloud-based online modelling.

Hope that helps. ;)

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