Can I get the ipt file for it also?

 Create the pipe as a swept feature.
 Add the flanges using extrusions.
 On each flange add one counterbore hole and then use a circular pattern to create the others.  Create a drawing file using an A-size (portrait) sheet.
 Use the Styles Editor to change the number of digits after the decimal point to 3.
 Retrieve dimensions from the part. Add new dimensions if any are missing or replace dimensions if the retrieved dimensions are not in convenient locations (include all dimensions shown on the following page.) Create the note for the countersunk hole using a leader.
 Use good dimensioning style.
 Note that the default centerlines may be too large. You can change them by changing the Global Line Scale as follows:
 Format – Style and Standard Editor
 Default Standard (ANSI)
 Global Line Scale: (default is 1.0 – reduce for smaller dashes)

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SO... You are looking for someone to do our homework for you? How are you going to learn that way?

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This sounds alot like a homework assignment. You best do this yourself because you'd have to site whoever did this for you as a source which if you don't, would count as plagiarism. Plagiarism is always an F.

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Errr Whats Plagiarism we haven't got that far in CAD class !!!!!!!!!!

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