can i learn two cad softwares to work on? if yes which two will be better?

i want to learn cad softwares im confused to learn which i wanted to know if i can learn two softwares like catia and solidworks or catia and fusion.

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Hai Ramesh

As Uday says, I also insist to you for Auto Cad for Base.

After that, first you have to decide that which field you like most or you want to go in Future like Manufacturing, Welding, Peiping, Casting, Product Design, Analysis etc.
After your Decision as par My Opinion, One software for Modal Creation and one for Specialization as par your Future Planning.

But Most important Think is that, what ever software you choose, you have to built up Grip on Software, then and then it will beneficial for you.

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In addition to the above suggestions, I would say, there are a few factors that my affect your choice of Software.

It depends on the availability of the software. If you are a student or if your University has some software at disposal, what are your interests, etc.

It is more than handy to know more software than one at any given point of time. After a while you realize that your modelling techniques and understanding will play more important role than the tool at your disposal.

I would suggest starting with any of the major CAD programs such as SolidWorks, SolidEdge, CATIA, UX, etc. Go around GrabCAD. Look up for some models, try to model it and understand the techniques and nuances of modelling from scratch.

I never had the chance to learn 2 software simultaneously, hence I cannot comment on the pros and cons of such a learning method. But if you well versed with one software, the others come at a relatively smoother and easier pace because the basic commands are mostly the same across all the software.

Learn whatever you can afford or get now and then you can slowly build up to the second software. :)

Good luck.

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Learn as many programs as you like. 2, 3, 10...etc.
I think the best strategy would be to learn two programs that do different tasks. The only reason to learn two similar programs is if you plan to work with companies that specifically use those two programs.
Learning two different programs can allow you to create a wider range of products.
It really depends on your interests, but programs like Catia, SOLIDWORKS, and Fusion are best at mechanical design. Sure, they can make complex shapes like cars, but I would not say that SOLIDWORKS is a good choice for that tasks.
Maybe instead look at some of the sub division or sculpting tools. Zbrush, Modo, Cinema 4D...etc Being able to create organic shapes as well as mechanical shapes gives you are great range.

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in my opinion, for beginners auto cad will be a better choice to learn basic things

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