Can I make derived parts from virtual parts?

I have a Solidworks assembly (see tabbed plywood box, attached) that has some virtual parts (e.g. the parts are stored within the assembly, not in stand-alone files).

Consider my front & back panels. if I change a tab/hole location, I want it to change on both items. But I want to be able to add specific features (e.g. new cuts) to the front panel and not have them appear on the back panel.

I think I can do this with derived parts, where the parts are stored in separate files.

But is there a way to do this with virtual parts?

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Sorry I cannot open your file since I have SW2011 and its a 2012 but I think I can help. Try configurations, they also work on parts that are saved internally within the assembly. To do this:
1. Select the part you want to be the same but different (your front back panel)
on the tree and click "Open". Or "Edit" but beware of in-context relationships.
2. Click the configurations tab and add a configuration name it. See 1st photo.
3. add the feature you would like to the part, in your case the cut.
4.right click on that (or several) feature and click "configure feature". (see 2nd photo)
5. In this manager, suppress the feature(s) in the configuration you dont want the feature on (the cut).
6. close the part (or exit the edit) and save (in this example its internally saved).
7. Now you can copy the part (highlight cntl C in the tree) then paste the part.
8. you should see the part at the bottom of the tree, and it should not have any mates and it will be floating. Right click this click part in the tree, hit configure feature, this time switch the drop down in the Configuration column to the other (see 3rd photo).
9. Smile and rejoice as you have learned another cool SW trick.

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