Can i model a curved screw on SolidWorks?

I am trying to model a curved (bended) screw (M8, M10 and M12), but would like to get the correct measures on both deformed sides (on the outside of the "curve" the thread pitch will be greater than the nominal one... on the inside of the curve it is the opposite. I am making experiments with the "Swept Tool", but just getting started. So, i would like to get some input from anyone. Thank you

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Try fist to make your screw straight, then use the fexion tool, you shoud be abbled to get something like this :
I hoppe that is waht you're looking for !

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To Jerome: Thank you so much... i didn´t knew the flex tool... but i haven´t got it right yet (i am modeling the screw myself). It seems that the solid interior of the screw, after flexing, it goes hollow. Can u help me with that? What am i doing wrong? Can i send you what i am doing?

To Scott: it will be used in a barn door equatorial platform (or Scotch mount, or Haig mount) for astrophotography. There are several possible configurations, but it is my opinion that this one is the most "elegant" one

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Jerome, how did you flexed the screw in the picture you sent?

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yes. I put you the file (SW 2013).
Add a image for seeing what you get

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