Can I open part made in Catia V5R21 with Catia V5R20?

Can I open part made in Catia v5r21 with Catia v5r20? I was working with Catia V5R20, and now I wanna try Catia V5R21 but I don`t know if after I can open the part made in V5R21 with V5R20??? Please help me!!!

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4 Answers

For all practical purposes, you really can't. The only way is by saving the R21 file as a neutral format like Step or Iges and opening that in R20.

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catia doesn't give permission to open heigher ver files to lower ver files

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I guess, in utility you will get an option like downward compatibility, this may help in this case. but this will made the data as solid dump.

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