Can I run Solidworks 2011 32 bit files in Windows 7 64 bit?

Can Windows 7 64 bit runs the Solidworks 2011 32 bit files? The files only, not the SW software.

6 Answers

yes you can.

Files created in either 64 or 32bit versions of Solidworks are the same. i.e. a model created in either version will be able to be opened in the other version.
As long as both versions of SW is the same or higher, i.e. both are SW2011 or SW2012 etc...
The difference between 64bit and 32bit is in how the program is utilising system resources, 64bit systems can utilise as much RAM as you can throw at your PC whereas 32bit systems are restricted to 4GB max.

Yes! Surely.


of course

Yes it is possible.