Can I scale an assembly

Is there a possibility to scale an assembly without saving it as a 1 part or without scaling all the parts separately?

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A good question - I though you could not scale an assemble so done a little bit of reading up there and found this...

To scale a part, create a new part and derive in the original part and set
the scale in the dialog box. I've attached a jpeg showing the Derived
Button and also the dialog you get after selecting the part to be derived in
the file dialog. To scale an assembly you basically do the same but have to
create an extra file that is a derived component that consists of the
assembly. Use the same method above but select the assembly instead of a
part. Save this new part and then derive this part and you will get the
scale option.

Thank you for the question as I now have a little more knowledge with Inventor and what you can do with an assemble.

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Yes you can scale an assembly using the derive component function. :)

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& i just read williams response and see its pretty much the same lol's :)

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William can you help me to scale a Product in Catia v5 ?

I want to scale all components to 0,6 from the nominal scale

Can you post here more informations , or pictures ? Thx !

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Hello robert ! Where is it panel in CATIA ?

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