Can I upload an Assembly with other people's components in it?

Hello! I'm relatively new here on GrabCAD.

I was wondering if it's OK for me to upload an assembly in which some components were modeled by me, while some other components are acquired from GrabCAD/other websites? I'm thinking about listing the places where I got the existing components in the description section of my posted models, but I was also wondering if there's a specific format or convention you need to follow?

I'm not using the models for any commercial purposes; it's just to share my overall assembly design to everyone else and keep a record for myself.

Thank you very much!

Accepted answer

Library parts are here to be used. Many models in the Library make use of, or are built off of library models.

Attributing the models back to the original uploader is ideal, but sometimes it can be hard to remember who made an item if some time has passed since downloading it.

My own Lamp Assembly makes use of some Library parts, but I don't recall who made them:
Ultraviolet Lamp Assembly

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