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Can I use AutoCAD tutorials to learn DraftSight?

By Thomas Harold on 03 Feb 17:38 4 answers 3641 views 3 comments

I heard its pretty much a clone, so can I use the tutorials without running into issues?

4 answers

  • C Bd
    C Bd over 5 years ago

    Biggest difference is the Icons which will appear different
    Good luck

  • Alex
    Alex over 5 years ago

    The UI in quite different between these two CAD software,there are another CAD Software called ZWCAD, is quite familiar with AutoCAD. It keeps classic icon and user interface just like AutoCAD 2006.

  • Vid Ing
    Vid Ing almost 3 years ago

    You can compare both the Software and based on your requirements you can choose any. I have used both and I can tell you that if you know AutoCAD then you know DraftSight . Even you can enter most of Autocad commands in DraftSight and it works! Just try to understand UI .
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