Can I use grabcad models for commercial purpose?

I found a model on grabcad, can I use for commercial purpose?
Meaning, to sell my software products can I use the models from grabcad?

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Hey Venu,

Thanks for asking! I'm with GrabCAD Community Support, and I wanted to make sure that you receive a clear answer on this.

For any commercial uses (like marketing, manufacturing, etc.) you will need to ask the member who posted the model for their explicit permission, and then you will need to properly attribute both GrabCAD and the user in your model's description, as well as provide a link to the original model.

However, if a company's title, logo, or other intellectual property is present anywhere in the model, its title or its description, then we would strongly urge you to consider not utilizing this model in a commercial sense.

Also, if for any reason you do not get any response from the model's creator, then you cannot use it for commercial purposes.

I hope this helps!

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John, sorry can you please explain why not?

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Community guidelines and reports

How can I use the models I download from the free CAD Library?

CAD models from the GrabCAD Community free CAD Library are for private use only.

This means for any commercial uses (like marketing, manufacturing, etc.) you need to ask the member who posted the model for extra permissions. Some examples of private use are educational self-directed learning, creating a concept design for internal use, etc. For non-commercial but public use, like sharing on social media or using a model that you render and post on GrabCAD, please attribute the author and link to the original model on GrabCAD.

People are usually happy to have their work featured with the proper credits, just ask!

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4. Content Posted on GrabCAD. All content submitted by the Contributors is for non-commercial use only, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Contributor.

See terms of use

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pretty sure none of this will hold up in court. once something is posted on the internet, all copyrights are lost, it becomes fair use and it loses its IP, and as long as its edited or used in a non-direct way, its legal and fair use. grabcad can write any policies it wants, but it will never hold up in court

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