Can I use other models in my renderings to competitions?

I would like to use some models in the background of my renderings of my entry to the damixa competition, is that any problem?

Or are the models free to use and expose, as long as I´m telling which user made them?

Just want to be sure. =)

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Hi Josef I am sure that would be all right as long as you give credit to the peps models that you have added and make sure the judges know that they are only there for visual effect to help your model out.
It does not say on the guidelines that this can't be done so go for it hehehe

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Play it safe, ask for permission from the person who made the model first, then be nice and credit them for the model. Even if it's posted online, they still could claim copyrights, so asking is always a good idea.

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I agree with Stefan! I think you should ask permission from the author.

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