Can i use the designs of grabcad for geometry, meshind and ansys fluent cfd work for my academic purpose.

I need to simulate a car in ansys fluent release 13.0. For this i need a geometry. The geometry should be perfect in grid distribution. If any grid is missing, Ansys will show error to the geometry.
I am new. So i want to know that are grabcad designs applicable to Ansys.

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Good morning,

Fortunately for you, I used for my testing with ANSYS some geometries from this site. All of this works perfect. The manner in which are made the 3D CAD model, not depends GRABCAD instead of designer engineer which are made it. So, don´t hesitate to try. Choose from library collection some models, and then try to imported directly in ANSYS DesignModeller. You will see if you will receive some problem or not to geometry.

Keep in touch.

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Could you suggest a few 3D cad car model in order to work fluent analysis in Ansys?

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