Can Rhino produce

Solids and also layout drawings like with SW and IV and also does it allow you to work with solid modelling?

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Wouldn't say an absolute no to this...

Yes you can make models "water tight" which can be considered a closed volume that you could consider a solid. There is also a "solids" menu which has some features that do just that.

What you won't find is a straight 1:1 environment like SW or IV when it comes to making drawings. You can make drawings in Rhino, but i wouldn't suggest walking in expecting it to look the part.

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Rhino 4 and then particularly 5, fix the drawing drawback, especially if you have the "Penguin" plugin. I use it for all of my 2d illustration needs.

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If need be you can create 2D drawings in rhino as well as solid models. small companies like mine use it because it is a cheap alternative to solid works but rhino is not industry standard. I can help out if you have any questions

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Rhino on it's own can't produce professional dimesioned and annotated schematics automatically as per ASME Y14.5-2009 standard, but I think a plugin exists. The standard can be complied to nevertheless and I bet a library was done by someone, but I never needed to produce rigorous ASME schematics, and I use Solidworks as well. I believe Rhino has some important advantages over Solidworks, like it's better handling of free-form modelling, it's efficiency and speed (in my hands) and unique open source additions like python scripting and API and Grasshopper. Rhino has also become a de facto standard in Architecture and Jewelry.

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