can solidworks be used for interior and exterior trim and seating systems...and which companies use it

I am asking this question because I am getting opportunities to work with solid works...but I am interested in automotive interior and exterior design....
so is it ok to start ur career with solidworks...pls guide me....will i be able to switch my career in catia or will I get opptunities in solid works...?

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3 Answers

for autmative interrior go for catia.
its all about surface modeling so catia is better in surfacing.

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My answer is a too much late but for future reference, Most of Indian automotive industries is inclined more towards NX then CATIA. Even HAL uses NX as far as I know. But keep in mind that Software is nothing more than a tool and skills in one software can easily be transferred to other with little practice.

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I guess No. You should wait and try until you get suitable profile in Catia or NX as these are the key software for Automotive Interior and exterior design.
If you start with Solid works, you may find it difficult to switch to your interested profile after 1 or 2 years.

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