Can Solidworks models be exported to Lightwave?

Is there a converter that will accurately convert a SolidWorks model to lightwave format?

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I think lightwave can read vrml files.

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Just as a quick reference posting, the defacto method to do all SolidWorks conversions for the last 20 years is:

We invented and wrote the book on the conversion industry, and brought all CAD and SolidWorks to LightWave back in 1994, all of which remains our main focus to this very hour. That is the most accurate and direct way to convert from native SolidWorks to native LightWave. Also, since few people know anything about conversion software, we do not convert "1:1" as that would otherwise be a blind and dumbed-down conversion. Rather, our focus has always been to bridge the CAD to non-CAD world, whereby LightWave users "expect" the SolidWorks data in a form unlike it exists in the CAD world. That's where our unique CAD parts & scene optimizer kicks in, which originally came about from our CAD to LightWave process then expanded to be an integral part of every CAD importer (which is invoked by default).

While this may be not what you are looking for, in case you are in need of free software, it is nonetheless the one and only such conversion system for decades.

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