Can somebody help me about engine analysis?

I need pressure function of gasoline engine I'm making analysis of engine and I have to describe pressure function but can't find it anywere. if anybody know something about it please write here

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I've been away from school for about a year now so I may be incorrect, and forgive my bad English.
As you know, from A to B there is no thermodynamic operation.
From B to C it's an adiabatic compression (in a perfect situation) so you get equation no. 1.
From C to D it's an isobaric since the combustion happens instantly so you get equation no. 2.
From D to E it's an adiabatic expansion so back to equation no. 1.

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thank you but I need depending on time. I used formul 1 and after formul 2. formul 2 is better than 1 I think.

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