Can someone create a manatee in solidworks?

Create a manatee

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Yes,you can download the images of the Manatee and trace out the profile in Solidworks and create a model. However, it is not the best software to model a creature. It is extremely time consuming and making changes for such a model is really a pain.

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Good job for a subdivision modeler like... Zbrush, Maya, etc.. If you want something free you could try Blender. Not a user but, looking at some of the models others have created, it seems plenty capable in the right hands.

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The model above is a 3D model, and it does look like a manatee, at least as long as someone knows what a manatee is.

A realistic manatee is much more difficult to create. Organic shapes, while possible in SOLIDWORKS are not easy to create. As cmalco suggested, a modeling software better suited for sculpture would be used.
Several realistic manatee models are available on turbosquid
For about $30 one can be purchased. That is a very low price considering the number of hours which would be spent making a manatee in SOLIDWORKS.

The next question to consider is why the manatee model needs to be created in SOLIDWORKS. The turbosquid models are not built that way, so whether they are suitable or not must be evaluated before buying a model.

I did find a free manatee OBJ file online. I've attached it as an STL file. At a minimum, it would help to import this into SW and model around it. It would be a lot easier than trying to find reference photos of a manatee and making a model based on them.

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