Can someone Do this for me?

Hey, I'm trying to create a gearbox and I can't get it working. The requirements are listed below:

Motor Specs: Motor Speed 5200rpm
Output speed of gearbox: 250-300rpm

Case Specs:
Plate size 8"L x 8" H x .375T
Inside of plates must not be more than 2" apart
Plates must be separated by 4 anchored spacers

Type: Sleeve
Bearing must be pressed in with a flange OD of bearing= dia of hole in plate

Diameter of shaft in bearing: .25"-.5" in dia
Gear must be next to shoulder on the shaft. Other side of gear must be welded (leave .125" for weld)
Output shaft must except a sprocket with and I.D of 1/2" and use a 1/8" x 1/8" key way.

Gears: Each gear that meshes with each other must have the same pressure angle and diametral pitch.
Center hole must be sized to fit over the shaft without too much room. +1/32"
Thickness must not exceed .5"
Diameter of gears must not exceed 4"
Initial drive gear must be designed with a setscrew.

If someone could do this for me it would be greatly appreciated. I've been after this for about 3 weeks now.

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3 Answers

This will require months of studying Gears.

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hi,, i think i can do this, but do you have 2D drawing ? feel free to PM me . thanks

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