Can someone help me with a part I need 3D printed?

It is a whirlpool W10195622. It is a Dishwasher Slide Rail Stop.
If I lived in the USA I would of went right ahead and order it online but I live in the Bahamas and it will take awhile before it gets here.

I've attached images of the part.

Someone created something similar on Thingiverse (link below).

3 Answers

Simply ask the folks at Thingiverse.

Your proper injection molded plastic stop has already failed. I think an FDM print will have difficulty surviving the slamming out of the rack, the cleaning chemicals and temperature cycles.

What if you just drill a small hole in the top and bottom of the rail end and put a stainless steel cotter pin through it to block the rail from exiting?

It is impossible to design/build anything without knowing the dimensions involved.

How does the existing Thingiverse model need to be changed so it works? If you provide detailed information, with exact dimensions, this might be possible to accomplish.