Can someone make this part for me?

I don't understand how to go about on making the wedge part in this blueprint if someone can make it; I would appreciate it. Please save it in Solidworks 2015 or below format. I attached the file. You don't have to make the ice cream scoop handle.

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I guess it's kind of a trick question. You are very close. The tangency control is correct. I see the slight distortion in your bridge loft, you need only to make a small modification to one sketch to get it how you want.

The problem is, Solidworks is trying to loft between a face with 4 distinct edges and 4 vertices and a face with a single edge and no vertices, so it doesn't know precisely what to do with the transition.

If you modify sketch '23 D Circle' with the 'split entity' command to also have 4 distinct edges and vertices, then solidworks knows how to connect them properly.

You might have to go into the bridge loft to adjust the 'handles' which connect the lofts.

Then I think you will have it!

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There no need to do any split surface or anything like that. When you do loft, first select the square bottom of the wedge part, then select every next circle. No tangency selection is needed. If you loft 2 circles at a time, it's more steps and more confusing the the program to understand what you want to do.

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Nah, you can do this, friend, no sweat. It's a few setup sketches and 3 easy lofts.

Start with a 'backbone' centerline to get the loft profile spacings.

Then set up the cross section planes and sketches.

Finish with the lofts. Use a tangency control on the middle loft to make it blend correctly between the outer lofts.

u GOT this!

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I tried my best so I attached my attempt, but I feel like I didn't get the lofts just right. I guess I don't understand how to use that tangency control on the middle loft. Also bridging the wedge and the handle together like in your third picture.

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